Update: I'm Going Down Under!

Hello lovely readers,

Beginning this Thursday (March 7th) I will be embarking on a 17-day excursion to Australia and New Zealand! I have never been to either country before so I am beyond excited. My knowledge of each place extends no further than Finding Nemo and The Lord of the Rings.

I am not telling you about my trip to brag but to let you know that I will likely be completely unresponsive until my return... plus a few days while I recover from jet lag. So were talking almost the end of March.

Ashley and I have scheduled ahead so you shouldn't see a difference in activity, but I will be delayed in responding to post/meme comments and unable to love on other blogs while I am gone. Ashley will still be around though and has kindly offered to try and ease the tremendous loss that you will all surely feel in my absence ;).

I kid. But if you have ever been to the following places, I welcome all advice/suggestions/warnings, etc. Just don't tell me about any bugs I may stumble upon because I have chosen the path of blissful ignorance, otherwise, I may never leave the United States.

Kangaroo Island, Australia
Tasmania, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Queenstown, New Zealand
Milford Sound, New Zealand
Rotorua, New Zealand

I will be sure to share my adventures with you upon my return. Wish me luck! I will also be jumping out of a plane.



  1. OMG, have a blast! I've never been to either place before, but I do travel a lot! I guess my best advice is to just know that things get crazy when your traveling and to just sit back and enjoy the ride! You sometimes end up in places you never expect! Have so much fun!!!

    1. Thank you!!! And that is really good advice! Even if things don't go according to plan I will still be in a beautiful new country! :)

  2. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! And you are so NOT bragging, this is so exciting!! I totally know what you mean though, I'm going to Europe in October and I feel like I'm bragging too...but I'm just so excited! I cannot WAIT to hear about your trip!! One of my really good friends goes to school in Sydney so I'm hoping to make it out there next year. I know things are really expensive out there compared to here but that's all I know lol. Have a great trip and I can't wait to hear about it!! :)

    1. October will be here before you know it! That is so exciting for you, I went to Europe almost 6 years ago and I loved every second. I can't wait to go back! And it's awesome you have a friend in Sydney. I will definitely be doing a lot of touristy things but hopefully I don't scream American :) Thanks for the well wishes :) :)

  3. What an incredible trip you've got planned! We want to see lots of pictures, please!


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