REVIEW: Two Lies and a Spy (Two Lies and a Spy #1) by Kat Carlton

Title: Two Lies and a Spy
Series: Two Lies and a Spy #1
Author: Kat Carlton
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: September 3rd 2013
Pages: Hardcover, 256 pages
Source: Won

Summary from Goodreads:
Kari plunges into the world of espionage on a mission to save her parents while trying to impress the guy she’s been in love with forever.

When sixteen-year-old Kari’s dad sends her an unexpected text, she and her brother immediately go into hiding. Because when your parents are superspies and your dad declares a Code Black, it can only mean something bad. Very bad.

Kari soon discovers that her parents have been disavowed and declared traitors, and she’s determined to clear their names. Breaking into the Agency seems like a reasonable plan, especially with the help of a team that includes her longtime crush, Luke, as well as her two best friends—an expert hacker with attitude and a master martial artist—and Luke’s popular, vindictive twin sister. Oh, and a new guy, who’s as cute as he is complicated...

So I recently read Spies and Prejudice and found it to be somewhat disappointing. I wanted Two Lies and a Spy to fill the fun-light-spy series that Gallagher Girls currently hold. (I can’t wait to finish the series :) ) I am happy to say that Two Lies and a Spy was a super fun, light spy read!

Two Lies and a Spy is not for everyone. If you are not someone who cannot look past the crazy situations that a teenage spy could get herself in than this is not for you. There is definitely some implausibility but that goes with many YA spy books.

Being a daughter of two spies, Kari and her younger brother have learned how to protect and survive in the crazy underground world of spies. Their skills are put to the test when they have to rescue their parents who are being held prisoner for being double agents. First, I will touch on the relationships and friendships in this book. I LOVED the brother and sister relationship, Kari would do anything to protect her super genius little brother, Charlie. There was no love triangle! I thought there was going to be but I was happily corrected. The relationship between Kati and her crush avoids insta-love as well.

The friendships were great, it was a witty, mis-matched group of high-schoolers some friends who came together to help Kari and her brother. Each secondary character had their own unique role in the mission and quirky personality. The banter and funny lines between the characters had me laughing at loud quite a few times.

The crazy spy scenes were a bit of a stretch but still enjoyable. Two Lies and a Spy is only 256 pages so the fun action packed story just flew by. The ending was AWESOME. I was not expecting it at all. The author leaves it open for the next book in the series! If you enjoy Gallagher Girls I would definitely recommend this one!



  1. This one actually sounds fun! I also need to read the Ally Carter books. Gah, I'm so behind on spy books! I also love books that are a little campy and this one sounds like it has that!

    1. It is definitely fun and short too so it should be a quick read for ya!

  2. I just finished Spies & Prejudice & loved it, but it was a little heavier than I was expecting. This looks like a lot of fun & now I really want to read it. Great review. ~daphne

    1. Spies & Prejudice wasn't all I was hoping for it was a bit heavier than I wanted. This one is lots of fun!

  3. No love-triangle and a brother-sister relationship, that sounds good :D


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