REVIEW: Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn

Title: Another Little Piece
Author: Kate Karyus Quinn
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: June 11th 2013
Pages: Hardcover, 419 pages
Source: Traded on YA Book Exchange

Summary from Goodreads:
The spine-tingling horror of Stephen King meets an eerie mystery worthy of Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars series in Kate Karyus Quinn's haunting debut.

On a cool autumn night, Annaliese Rose Gordon stumbled out of the woods and into a high school party. She was screaming. Drenched in blood. Then she vanished.

A year later, Annaliese is found wandering down a road hundreds of miles away. She doesn't know who she is. She doesn't know how she got there. She only knows one thing: She is not the real Annaliese Rose Gordon.

Now Annaliese is haunted by strange visions and broken memories. Memories of a reckless, desperate wish . . . a bloody razor . . . and the faces of other girls who disappeared. Piece by piece, Annaliese's fractured memories come together to reveal a violent, endless cycle that she will never escape—unless she can unlock the twisted secrets of her past.

  • WOW I knew going into this book it was going to be a different read but I was not expecting what I read.  It was dark, grim and the horror border-lined too much but it kept the pages turning and plot fast paced.  
  • The writing style was so unique.  There were flashbacks mixed in with poems that all just flowed together it its own crazy way.  There were no chapters, just segments sometimes a couple pages sometimes only a couple paragraphs.   
  • The suspense and mystery was awesome I felt on edge throughout the whole book wanting to know more while being kinda creeped out. 
  • The characters and the romance were well developed.  You wanted to root for the characters sometime yet on the flip side you almost feel like you are rooting for the wrong person.  Such an interesting dynamic between the characters. 

  • It is easy to get lost and confused.  I did have to go back a couple times and make sure I did not miss something (I didn't, the story is jumpy).  
  • There is not much I did not like but something I do wish was better was the explanation.  Parts of the ending made sense and were clear both one aspect leaves me a bit hanging.  I am also still a little confused about the over all explanation I am chalked it up to it is just a different kind of paranormal, one that leans more of an occult nature. 

Another Little Piece is a crazy, creepy, mess with your mind kind of book.  It is hard to describe without giving away pieces of the story but I definitely recommend the book if you want a unique horror story.  **There is a good bit of gore and blood**  That being said if you do not like gore, horror, or things that lean more toward the occult this would not be a book for you  

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