Thoughts for Thursday (8) - Re-reading, I don't do it (until now).

Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday! This feature is our outlet to talk with you about whatever we currently have on our minds. It might be bookish, it might not! Now for this week's thought:

Re-reading, I don't do it (until now).

I am trying really hard to think of a time that I have re-read a book in my life and I am coming up blank. I can only think of one book I've ever even tried to re-read and that was Harry Potter right before a new book or movie in the series was released. But I never completely made it through any of the books a second time (and I LOVE those books).

It's not that I have an aversion to re-reading. I mean, I see the appeal and there are many books that I love enough to re-read. I think it's just that I've never been motivated enough to pick up a book that I've already read over one I haven't. There are too many books that I want to read and not enough time to read them all. I'd rather spend my time reading something new. I think a big part of this feeling is the fact that I already know how a book ends if I am re-reading. It takes away a lot of the excitement and discovery that a new story holds. This and other little reasons likeI love the feeling of making progress through my TBR, and Goodreads is all weird with re-reads (kind of joking on that last one but not really).

Well that's all changing my friends because I am re-reading a book as we speak - Amber House by Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed and Larking Reed. I LOVED this book the first time I read it. So much so that I gave it a glowing review, I included it on my list of 5 books I wish more people would read, and I recently listed the sequel, Neverwas, as one of my most anticipated sequels. And then the most awesome thing happened and the authors invited me to be part of the blog tour for Neverwas.Best. moment. ever.

And for the first time in my life, I had a strong desire to re-read a book. Amber House is not only a story that appeals to all the things that I love, but it is so intricately detailed that I could seriously benefit from a re-read. I don't want to miss a thing when I read Neverwas. And it has one of those endings that makes you look at everything from a new perspective - so there are so many little details that I can appreciate and connections that I can make the second time around. In fact, I think I may be loving it more this time.

Anyway, this is a big milestone for me. I don't know if Amber House will be the exception to the rule and I will go back to my non-re-reading habits as soon as I am done. But maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will start revisiting some of my favorite books. We shall see.

So talk to me. Do you re-read? Why or why not? Is there a special book or books that you just HAD to re-read?
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