Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2014

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is "Top Ten Goals/Resolutions For 2014".

  1. Have fun. 
    For a while in 2013 this blog was taking over my life. I was easily intimidated by the more successful blogs and I wanted to do too much too fast. But I've relaxed considerably over the past few months and now have a much healthier attitude about blogging. I hope to keep it that way in 2014. 

  2. Develop good review-writing practices (I don't have these currently). 
  3. There are two things I really want to get in the habit of doing. First, I want to write reviews closer to when I actually finish the book. I am really bad about this. Second, I want to consistently keep track of my thoughts while reading. I might buy a reading journal to help with this. I might also adopt the post-it-note method because I used to love including quotes in my reviews and I've done that less and less lately .  

  4. Write personal posts, in addition to opinion posts. 
  5. When Ashley and I started our Thoughts for Thursday feature we wanted it to be our outlet to talk about anything, but so far we've kept it mostly bookish. In 2014 I will definitely be writing some personal posts. I love reading these kinds of posts on other blogs and getting to know the bloggers better. So this year I hope to do the same for our readers.

  6. Visit more blogs. 
  7. I have met so many wonderful bloggers this past year and I hope to continue those friendships in 2014. But there are still so many bloggers out there for me to get to know better, and I hope visit more of you and build those friendships in 2014.

  8. Invest time in new ideas.
  9. Over the past year I've had some ideas for features or discussions but never brought them to fruition for one reason or another. This year I want to invest more time and energy into these ideas to see if they are actually worth something. 

  1. Keep up reading while balancing wedding planning and life. 
    I made a reading goal this year to read 100 book and I barely made it.  Planning a wedding and moving in with my fiance has change my reading schedule just a bit :)  So my goal this year is to keep up my reading while also still managing moving, wedding planning, and a wedding! 

  2. Vary my words/vocabulary in my reviews
  3. I was reading a opinion post about word choice and using the same words all the time in review.  I started to think about and noticed that I sometimes do the same.  So this year I would like to just improve my writing.  

  4. Write more posts on Thoughts for Thursday. 
  5. Nicole came up with the idea for Thoughts for Thursday and it has been fantastic so far.  I want to contribute more and think up more discussion and personal post for Thoughts for Thursday.  This can help with goal #2!

  6. Actually finish the Castor Chronicles this year. 
  7. I had this one my list last year and did make make it further in the series but I still need to finish the last book.  It will get done this year!

  8. Read the books Nicole says I must read because I will love them :).
  9. I am going to buckle down and actually read the book Nicole recommends to me :) haha I promise!Included in that list : Sanctum, Throne of Glass and Slated.  

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