Graphic Novel Mini-Reviews

Graphic Novel Mini-Reviews

I recently posted a Thoughts for Thursday on my new enjoyment of graphic novels.  I read and loved I am Princess X which has a web comic throughout the story of the book. I then followed that up with The Cute Girl Network which was also enjoyable.  I wanted more so I went to the library and just picked things off the shelf.  I plan to continue checking out graphic novels, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

The Cute Girl Network

By M.K. Reed, Greg Means Art:Joe Flood

This was my very first full graphic novel. The Cute Girl Network is about a social network where girls can let other girls know about guys that are not worth dating or guys they have had bad experiences with. It was a very interesting premise and at the end I really like the message the author left with the reader.

El Deafo

by Cece Bell

El Deafo has a very different kind of art, it has a much younger feel to it which compliments the character very well. The overall message is a great one; this graphic novel addresses living with a hearing problem. The story is told through a young girl. Her emotions and reactions to things felt very honest and heartfelt.  I definitely recommend it (just be aware it is also geared for a younger audience).

Through the Woods

by Emily Carroll

The illustrations and the artwork were so dark and creepy. This book was a collection of short graphic novels/stories. While I thought the overall mood and setting was creepy with some hits of horror, I thought the stories themselves felt a bit short. I would flip to the next page and be like uhh, that was it and that happened a couple times.


by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Brooke A. Allen

Lumberjanes was a cute story, focusing on girl power and strong friendships. I really enjoyed the crazy adventures the girls embarked on. Some of my favorite artwork. I do feel like the story was cut a bit short and should be read back to back with Lumberjanes #2 (out this fall!)


by Noelle Stevenson

I really really enjoyed this graphic novel, it is probably my favorite so far. I love the villain and sidekick dynamic. The artwork was awesome but so was the plot. There was a solid conclusion plus there is humor and action as well! I highly recommend Nimona!

Will & Whit

by Laura Lee Gulledge

This one is a bit heavier of a story line, cool art with quite a few whole page spreads. Focuses more on the plot and character development. There is an overall theme of feeling good in one's own skin and coming to term with inner ghosts.

Page by Paige

by Laura Lee Gulledge

This one I think feel a bit flat. I thought the underlying story was a boring. The main character, I found to be a tad unlikeable. I do not have much to say about it besides, meh.  Overall, I would just pass on this one.

Ms. Marvel #1-3 

by G. Willow Wilson Artists: Adrian Alphona, Jacob Wyatt, Takeshi Miyazawa, Elmo Bondoc

I love the diverse characters and female super heroes! While I have been enjoying the series, it does have a tendency to get a bit slow at times. I do really enjoy the cameos from other superhereos.
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