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  • Thoughts for Thursday (20) - Responding to Comments: Nicole was crazy busy for a little while and got really behind on blogging which spurred this discussion. Life has calmed down a little since then and she's had time to catch up some :)
  • What Reviews Do You Read? (Part 1): Do you read reviews for books you've never heard of? Ashley talks about this and her system for picking and choosing which reviews she reads.
  • How I Manage My TBR with Goodreads: Nicole shares her method for organizing her endlessly growing TBR. 
  • Nicole did a reread of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight and is finishing up Dreams of Gods and Monsters. Favorite series alert!
  • Let's see what else happened to Nicole in April that was noteworthy... I did some yoga, started golf lessons, got burnt to a crisp on a sunny 80degree weekend, discovered a new favorite nail polish color (Julep Shenae) and finished my second semester of grad school. Woot!
  • Ashley started training for her next half marathon in Disneyland, made some of her wedding decorations, and got her engagement photos taken :) 
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