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    What's New With Nicole

    SO I was supposed to be in Argentina right now but due to freak snow in Dallas my flight got cancelled and unfortunately since I was going as part of a group and it is mission impossible to rebook 35 people, we are now flying out Monday. And I don't think we are going to Chile anymore.  So you can say I am pretty bummed. Especially since this past month was ROUGH. I have been taking classes THREE nights a week and had a 4th class on top of all that, that met intermittently. So basically all I did in February was go to class and do endless amounts of schoolwork. When I wasn't doing that I was reading to keep myself from going insane. I did manage to squeeze in a snowboarding trip but that's about it. Fortunately, March should be a much more exciting month. I have a few events planned with friends, one of which I get to see Ashley :)

    What's New With Ashley

    I wish I was going on an awesome trip like Nicole's :)!  I decided to participate in On The Same Page Secret Sister and I sent and received my first package this month, it was awesome!! (Thank you Secret Sister!)  It has been a lot of fun planning and putting together the monthly boxes.  The winter tundra is really keeping me inside on weekends so nothing crazy has been going on besides painting in the new house and hanging up pictures.  I have been taking up sewing so that has been lots of fun, I am currently teaching myself how to make bags/purses.  I am SOO ready for spring!

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