Thoughts for Thursday (9)- Buying Books in a Series

Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday! This feature is our outlet to talk with you about whatever we currently have on our minds. It might be bookish, it might not! Now for this week's thought:

Buying Books in a Series

So like many I am always buying books. I always have this Hardback vs Soft cover debate in my head. If I start a series in Hardback I feel like I HAVE to finish the series in hardback. I strongly dislike having the series be a mix between Hardback and paperback.  

Not to mention I like my favorites to all be in Hardback, not that I usually lend out my hardbacks but I do feel like the book is stronger and can hand multiple reads while still looking super nice. Soft covers, I am WAY hesitant to ever lend it because it is so easy to bend the corners of the cover. But I digress. 

Back to buying books in a series… I also will almost never buy book #2 or #3 without owning the first ones in the series. Which I think is pretty standard.   I am okay with having book #1 in the series without the rest (typically only happens if I did not end up liking the book).  Does anyone have books in a series like book #1 on their kindle and the rest in print?  That I try to avoid as well!  I like the whole series the same :)

ARCS threw a huge wrench in my system though.  I was lucky to get some signed ARCs at BEA but they are paperback.  So I want to buy the next book but if I want to complete the series in paperback then I have to wait even longer to buy it.  I know I could just buy another copy of the book but I have limited shelf space so having a signed arc and a hardcover of the same book is not really an option for me. 

Does anyone else have weird book buying habits? Anything specific to series?

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