Top Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is "Top Ten Things On Our Reading Wishlist".

  1. Duologies

  2. Historical Fiction
    • Imperial Russia
    • Victorian London
    • 1920s New York
    • 1950s New Orleans
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Old West

  4. Dark Characters/Evil POVs/Dark Retellings
  5. Cause it's fun, scary, different, exciting, suspensful...

  6. Book Playlists
  7. Music junkie over here!

  8. Assassins/Spies/Confident Females
  9. Cause kick-ass females rock!

  1.  Agreeing with Nicole on #5.  Spies!
    Definitely love a good or funny spy story.

  2. Alternating POVS
  3. Absolutely love getting multiple point of views!

  4. Scary books
  5. Not so much horror exactly but I definitely could use more scary and eerie stories

  6. Fairy tale re-tellings
  7. I know there are a good amount on there but I do love a GOOD fairy-tale re-telling!

  8. Non-traditional narration?  
  9. What I mean is not just straight narration.  I like it when the author mixes it up a bit.  Like in Another Little Piece, there were poems throughout the story.  In Attachments by Rainbow Rowell there are funny emails between characters.  Fangirl has the tidbits of fanfiction.  I really enjoy and do not encounter, the changes format/method of narration... hope that makes sense :) 

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