Top Ten Favorite Places to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is
"Top Ten Favorite Places to Read."

Nicole's Top Five

  1. By the pool
    My very favorite place to read is by my pool. In fact, reading by the pool is one of my favorite summer activities and where you will find me most of the time if it is nice out. I love it so much I often disappear during the summer because I will avoid making plans if they interfere with pool time. :)

  2. On the beach
    Living near the beach has its perks. On summer weekends, if I am not by my pool I am probably at the beach. And of course I will be reading!

  3. By the fireplace
    So I have this cozy little room with a fireplace, a daybed and pillows, and all my books. It's  a perfect hideaway for reading during cold or nasty weather.

  4. In transit
    I get so much reading done in airports and on planes. I travel fairly regularly and the wait time/flight time are usually long enough to have a solid period of uninterrupted reading time.It makes traveling so much more manageable.

  5. In bed.
    No matter how busy I am I always try to do at least a little reading before bed and the ideal spot is IN bed (go figure). And my bed so happens to be super comfy! :)

Ashley's Top Five

  1. On my couch
    Where you can catch me reading most of the time, especially in the winter is under some blankets on my living room couch.  My dog is usually on top of my legs and I have a hot drink to my side.  

  2. In bed
    I love reading in bed but I fall asleep easily so I have to make sure I am not too tired or else my books fall off the bed. When I am not tired, it is a great way for me to relax before bed. 

  3. At the gym
    Yes, I am one of those people :)  I have not figured out how to run and read though.  My apartment gym only has 4 pieces of cardio equipment so when I have to use the bike  I love to read.  I can easily get an hour in while reading a good book.  

  4. Outside in general
    Whether it be a picnic blanket at the park, a lounge chair by the water or just my balcony in the summer; when the weather is perfect I love to enjoy two of my favorite things!

  5. The unexpected place. 
    I love having my kindle or a book when I am waiting for the dentist or at the doctor.  The best times are when I have to unexpectedly wait like at a car shop, before a concert or nail salon and I remember I have a book with me to pass the time! 

What are your top ten?

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