We're Participating in Summer of Series!

Summer of Series, hosted by Lili @ Lili's Reflections and Danielle @ Love at First Page is a Summer challenge dedicated to reading as many books in a series as one can, but at least one series a month. Because Lili makes a compelling argument, we decided to join in on the fun! For more information on the challenge, including link-ups and giveaways, visit Lili and Danielle at the links above!

Nicole's Summer of Series

So I am scared that I am going to fail this challenge, like I do every other reading challenge BUT here's to trying... Fortunately audiobooks count so I do have a fighting chance. I feel like I've already started a lot of series and since I don't reread often, it was hard for me to come up with a list of series that would even count for this challenge. But here's a few that I think I might read and I'm definitely open to recommendations if ya'll have any! 

So I JUST finished listening to The Final Empire and I'm hoping I can listen to The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages before the month is over so that this series will count for June but these are BIG books and this might be too ambitious. We shall see. 

I listened to The Beautiful and the Cursed a while ago and enjoyed it but have yet to continue on with this series, partly because I wanted to re-listen to book 1 before I started book 2. My goal for July will be to do just that since the entire series is not out!

I've been meaning to read something by Cora Carmack for forever and Ashley really enjoyed both series. I'm hoping this Summer I will be able to read at least one of her series, but maybe I will surprise everyone by reading both! Is there one I should start with? 

4. Chronicles of Kazam by Jasper Fforde (This one's for you Kay!)
My blogging bestie, Kay, said that the first book in this series was the most fun book she has read ever. That means I have to read it, of course, but they also seem like my kind of books! And fortunately for my challenge-failing ways, these books don't seem to be too long. 

There are also quite a few series I have to finish that I've put off because I don't know if I recall enough of the previous books to enjoy/fully understand the last one (and rereading the first two books in each series just feels daunting). But maybe I'll get lucky and Recaptains will have some recaps and I can finish a few series for extra points.  Wish me luck! (I'm gonna need it, hah.)

Ashley's Summer of Series

I am excited about this challenge because there are quite a few series I have been holding off on and really have been meaning to start.   So hopefully I can knock out some of these series this summer :)

Before I started blogging I had read the first book in the series and by the time the next two books came out I had forgotten too much about book one.  So since I got the complete series for Christmas I figure it would be a good series to try and finish this summer!

This series is all over many blogs and even our blog :)  I have yet to read it even though the premise sounds totally up my alley.  I also happen to now have the entire collection on my shelves so I cannot wait to start.

I have heard this is a fun and lighter new adult series which is the kind of new adult I have been loving lately.  It sounds like it would be a great pool side series!

I recently traded for book one in this series. I do love the covers and the story sounds pretty interesting so we shall see if I enjoy and finish this series.

I also really hope to finish up some series this summer that I am in the middle of  such as JLA's Lux series and I would also like to start The Remnant Chronicles since I see GLOWING reviews for those books! Wish us luck :)

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