My Trip to Iceland!

Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday! This feature is our outlet to talk with you about whatever we currently have on our minds. It might be bookish, it might not! Now for this week's thought:

Recaping my Trip to Iceland 

This past February, my husband and I took a trip to Iceland with a group of friends.  It was absolutely stunning.  I have seen a lot of Europe and loved it but Iceland thus far has been one of the most naturally stunning places I have visited.  The expanse of white landscape, that most awe-inspiring Northern Lights, and the unique terrain made it a magnificent trip.  

Sun Voyager, View from the Church Tower, Me with an Elf, Reykjavik at Night

Geysir, Me with a hot spring, Gulfoss, Justin and I at Gulfoss, Thingvellir National Park
The Blue Lagoon, The city Opera House, and more Blue Lagoon

 Black sand beaches at Vik
 Waterfalls and beaches 

 The most amazing view from our Glacier walk plus ice tunnels and ice caves! 
Last but not least, the Northern Lights!  They were truly amazing! 

I highly recommend visiting Iceland, it was a great experience.  I found everyone to be super helpful and friendly.  I also get asked a lot how cold it was, it was actually not too bad.  Cold but definitely manageable!  

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