What I Love About ACOTAR


All images taken from SJMaas' Pinterest Page

Not what you expected, right? I know I'm being a little unorthodox here so I shall elaborate... There are many, many things I love about ACOTAR - the fiery characters, the steamy romance, the unique world, and the addictive pacing - but one can expect all of that from any SJMaas book. Part of what I loved about THIS book specifically is that I couldn't put it down once things got rolling. To take a quote from my review:
"The last third of this book is non-stop action. The danger that threatened them has finally made an appearance and the fate of the world rests on Feyre. Once I reached this point in the story, I could not stop reading. All of the information that was gathered in the beginning of the book comes to fruition and it's a whirlwind of trials and magic and politics and scheming and fiery passion."
And a big player in all that craziness was our very own villian Amarantha. We all love to hate a good villain and it doesn't get much more villainous than Amarantha. So I wanted to give her a shout out too because I figured she wasn't going to get as much attention as say, the ever-so-sexy and teasing Rhysand, or the strong but reserved Tamlin, or any of our kickass GOOD females. Yeah, this book has it all. 

And I have a feeling that A Court of Mist and Fury is going to be even better. I CANNOT WAIT! 

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