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      What's New With Nicole

      March was a calmer month than January and February but it was still a great one being a month of celebrations - my birthday, my mom's birthday, Easter, a book club baby shower, and more. Ashley and our friend Caroline drove up to Philly for my birthday and we spent the weekend exploring the city and hanging out with friends. It couldn't have been more perfect. And I made my first Tres Leche cake and it was a huge success! Aside from that, my Broad Street Run training is intensifying so I've been running A LOT. I also played Trampoline Dodgeball and tried what is reputably the best burger in Philly (and it was pretty damn tasty).

      April flew by, in part because I spent 17 days traveling through Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. It was an AMAZING trip and we got so fortunate with weather and everything we have planned going pretty smoothly. Some of my favorite destinations were Rothenburg, Germany, Heidelberg, Germany, Ghent, Belgium, and Amsterdam, Netherlands - but everywhere we went was really spectacular. I miss Belgium Waffles and Kinder chocolate like nobody's business though. I also started my reread of Harry Potter and it's probably the best decision I ever made reading wise. I am LOVING being back in this magical world that had a huge impact on the reader I am today. I also hit the peak of my Broad Street Run training and will be running 10 miles on May 1st! Wish me luck!

      What's New With Ashley

      March was a busy month.  I was traveling all month for birthdays!  I went to Pittsburgh for my college roommates birthday then the following weekend I went to Philly to visit Nicole :) And finally I went to see my parents for my dad's birthday. All the celebrations were great.  I also decided to color my hair so the under side of my hair is currently shades of purple and blue.  I love it and hopefully plan to keep it throughout the summer.

      April has been a spring filled month, I have liked that the closer we get to May the nicer the weather is getting; the back and forth of cold and hot days has not been great.  Aside from enjoying the nice days, other big things are that my husband and I found a new church that we are trying out and so far it has really been working for us, so that has been wonderful.  As for bookish news, The Raven King came out this month and I got the opportunity to see Maggie Stiefvater on tour and get some books signed! OH, I also have finally opened an Etsy store: Sew Novel Shop. Right now I only have some key chains but I have some bookish fabric coming and plan to post some scarfs and bags soon!

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