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    What's New With Nicole

    November was SO BUSY! The first weekend I went down to the Baltimore area to visit Ashley. She hosted a Halloween party and I was the Jasmine to her Aladdin crew. The next weekend I flew to Charleston for YALLFest! It wasn't my first time visiting - I went a lot as a kid - but it was the first time I've been back in about 8 years and I missed it! It is one of my favorite US cities and when you put a bunch of my favorite authors in it... well, it doesn't get much better than that! And then I came home to a promotion at work! But with both work and school being so demanding lately, I've basically had to say goodbye to all of my free time. So I apologize for my longer-than-usual periods of silence but I will be back in full swing soon! Just a couple more weeks until this semester ends!

    What's New With Ashley

    November was a crazy month!  Justin and I checked out probably 30 potential new houses and everything was just alright.  Then one Sunday ago we went to an open house and it was THE house!  We put an offer and they accepted so hopefully all continues to go well :)  We are just drowning in paperwork and home inspections now.  Now that Thanksgiving is over we are getting ready to host a cookie bake off.  Justin and I are going to make Snickerdoodles but still need one more recipe, so if you have an awesome cookie recipe, let me know! 

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