Everland by Wendy Spinale

Title: Everland
Author: Wendy Spinale
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: May 10th 2016
Source: Audiobook from Scholastic Audio. Thank you Scholastic!

Summary from Goodreads:
Forget the story of Peter Pan you know. Because in Everland, the only way to grow up is to survive.

London has been destroyed in a blitz of bombs and disease. The only ones who have survived are children, among them Gwen Darling and her siblings, Joanna and Mikey. They spend their nights scavenging and their days avoiding the ruthless Marauders -- the German Army led by Captain Hanz Otto Oswald Kretschmer.

Unsure if the virus has spread past England's borders but desperate to leave, Captain Hook hunts for a cure, which he thinks can be found in one of the survivors. He and his Marauders stalk the streets snatching children for experimentation. None ever return. Until the day they grab Joanna. As Gwen sets out to save her, she meets a mysterious boy named Pete. Pete offers the assistance of his gang of Lost Boys and the fierce sharpshooter Bella, who have all been living in a city hidden underground. But in a place where help has a steep price and every promise is bound by blood, it will cost Gwen. And are she, Pete, the Lost Boys, and Bella enough to outsmart Captain Hook?


I listened to the audio book version of Everland, it was fantastic, I love multiple narrators, especially ones with British accents.  The chapters are either told from HOOK or Gwen's point of view, which is a nice change since you do not always get to hear the story from the villain's POV.

Everland is a unique and dark re-telling of Peter Pan just without the fantasy and fairy tale aspects. This story is a darker more post-apocalyptic version of the original fairy tale.  London has been plagued with a disease and there is only one cure that both Pete and Hook are after.  It was fun to pick out all the subtle and some  less subtle traces of the original story in this creative retelling.

Everland is a very plot-driven book with a focus on the search for a cure and hope in saving those that are sick.  Parts of the story line were easily predictable but that never took away from my overall enjoyment of the book.  I definitely recommend Everland if you are look for a fairly romance free but high adventure story!

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