SERIES REVIEW #79: Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter

Overall, I really enjoyed this series; I went on an audio book binge. I highly recommend the series if you are looking for something very FUN and LIGHT HEARTED.  It reminded me a lot of a TV show, each book for the most part is stand alone with some underlying plot lines and character development through the whole series. It was an awesome blend of spies, friendship, teenage drama, and prep schools. Cammie has a fantastic set of friends that each play an important role in her life and as a spy.

The first three books were less intense than the last two.  I would give the first 3 books three stars and books 4 and 5, four stars.   The 3 stars are not to say I found anything wrong with the book, it was fun but nothing was  that magical, it is not a book I would say you need to read right this minute.  I would definitely recommend this as a beach read.

I'd tell you I Love you But Then I'd have to Kill you-Book 1 is about Cammie’s first boyfriend and the problems that ensue when dating a non-spy.

Cross my Heart Hope to Spy-Book 2 is when we are introduced to Zach, a boy from the male equivalent to the Gallagher Academy. Zach and Cammie have some chemistry :) The boys from Black Thorn are guests at the Gallagher Academy for the semester.

Don't Judge a Girl by her Cover-Book 3 Cammie is with Macey over the summer and they almost get kidnapped by a secret organization seeking revenge on the Gallagher family. (This was probably my least favorite out of the series).

Only the Good Spy Young -Book 4 The storyline really picks up. There is more development and backstory about Zach. I really love the dynamic between Zach and Cammie but want more!  We also learn more about Cammie's father and the secret organization. The story ends with Cammie taking off on a mission of her own to find answers

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - Book 5 is by far the most intense book in the series.   Cammie is found months later with no recollection of what happened in the past months.  The spy aspects of her life really take a toll on her in this book.  Her disappearance effects her relationships with her friends and Zach.

Since I could easily see this series as a TV show, I decided to create a dream cast for The Gallagher Girls. I just couldn't decide on Zach. 



  1. I've been wanting to read these! I have her Heist Society book in my TBR pile, so I'm hoping to get to that one soon! Glad you enjoyed these and that the audio books were good!

  2. This looks like a fun series. Sometimes it's nice to read something light like this.

  3. I've read up to the third book in this series and now that I see that those are the worst I will have to check out the next two! I agree with you as to them being a light fun read. Also, the cast you picked is really how I imagined the characters when I read the story, except maybe Zach.


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