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        What's New With Nicole

        Is it really February already? Honestly, I am not sure where January went. It was much calmer than December but it still flew by. Probably because my month was consumed by the Tone It Up Challenge. If you haven't heard of it, it's this 8 week Fitness/Nutrition Challenge which means that for the past 4 weeks I have been exercising nonstop, grocery shopping nonstop, meal prepping nonstop and dreaming about pizza and cinnamon buns nonstop haha. But aside from that, Ashley, Lindsey, Ellie and I did go to Boston for ALA MW which was awesome. I saw the musical Once which was AMAZING (but sad). Philly was hit by a Snowpocalypse so I pretty much just lazed around for a whole weekend. I joined a Bocce Ball league because why not. And I also attended my first Aerial Yoga class and Barre class for the first time! So definitely a good start to the new year!

        What's New With Ashley

        January was a nice relaxing month for the most part.  I was able to get a lot of reading in between being snowed in for almost a week and airport time to/from ALAMW.  It was fantastic, I got to explore Boston with Ellie and Lindsey plus I got to meet my OTSPSecret Sister in person!  I was on the fence but have decided to sign up for the next round and cannot wait to get to know my new sisters! Aside from reading this month I have decided to re-watch Gilmore Girls and have been really enjoying it :) The end of my winter quarter is coming up so I am getting slammed with some work but have a fun trip to Iceland to look forward to in February.  

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