Thoughts for Thursday (5): Halloween Edition - Our Fear Landscapes!

Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday! This feature is our outlet to talk with you about whatever we currently have on our minds. It might be bookish, it might not! Now for this week's thought:

Our Fear Landscapes.

Inspired by the Divergent series (which we still like because we haven’t yet read Allegiant), we chose to celebrate this Halloween with our readers by giving you all a glimpse into what our fear landscapes would likely be. Now, we are limiting ourselves to three fears each, otherwise this post would be endless because Nicole is afraid of everything. And we are going to be honest, but try to also keep it light so as not to be depressing. Feel free to share with us your own fear landscape in the comments below!
1. My biggest fear is losing my grandmother. Next to my mother, she is easily the most important person in my life seeing as she practically raised me and is the best woman in the world (by popular opinion). This is also a very real fear for me because she is 84 and it is inevitable. That being said, if I had to face my fears, I know one of them would be losing her and I expect my challenge would be to not completely fall apart. Alright, on to less depressing things…

2. I am terribly afraid of spiders, among other creepy crawly things. Like so afraid, that any time I see one, no matter the size, I scream bloody murder and suddenly have super human speed as I move myself as far away from hideous beast as possible. Considering I live in the woods, this happens more than I care to admit. I have also given my friends and family heart attacks on several occasions. So I can only imagine that to face this fear I would probably be attacked by hundreds of unnaturally large spiders (think Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) *shudders* and would have to calm myself down. This would be more than impossible to do but in all likelihood I probably wouldn’t make it past the first fear, so it doesn’t matter much.

3. Lastly, I am afraid of being tortured. I’m not afraid of dying or even experiencing pain in the traditional sense but rather having pain inflicted upon my person in imaginative and horrifying ways. I can thank all of the horror movies I’ve watched as a kid for this one and my addiction to Criminal Minds for feeding it every Wednesday at 9pm EST on CBS (I blame Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler for making me tune in every week). I don’t even want to think about how this fear would manifest. Put me in any horror movie with a gruesome prolonged death and that’ll do it.

Why did I think this was a good idea for a post again? Cue the nightmares.
1. It is going to sound crazy but one of my biggest fears is throw up. Both throwing up and being around it. The whole concept creeps me out. It is not just a dislike it is a run away or have a panic attack kinda fear.  So in my fear landscape I would probably have to either get sick or remain calm with people getting sick around me..... **shudders**

2. One of my other fears is being asleep and having someone break into my house or having someone hiding in my house until I go to sleep and then sneaking out and robbing me or worse.  Every time I am in bed and hear a weird noise I jump a bit.  Though I am not quite sure how that would manifest in a fear landscape besides having to overcome the robber.

3. My third fear that would probably manifest would probably be being chased by bad guys or being wrongly accused.  Some how getting framed for something and being chased by police or bad guys.  Again I am not sure how it would manifest exactly - maybe me being chased then having to surrender.

What do you think would appear in your fear landscape?
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