Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series by Laini Taylor

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When I realized that Ashley and I had not yet reviewed this series on our blog I knew I needed to remedy that. You see, this is one of my most favorite series ever. And I don't give that distinction out easily.  I am obsessed with every one of these books and this story as a whole. In my eyes, they are perfection.

Laini Taylor tells a beautiful story, and she tells it brilliantly. The story is unlike any I have ever read.  It is not your typical angel story at all. It is not your typical anything. I was captivated by the war between Seraphim and Chimera. I grew to love the Chimera first, and later the Seraphim. I was completely and utterly invested in the hope of peaceful future. I found myself consumed by the connection between Akiva and Karou. Their history fascinated me. And all that they had to overcome to be together pulled on my heartstrings. This story had so many emotions at war with each other - love, hate, hope, despair, action, passivity, comfort, fear - it was a roller coaster of feeling. 

Laini Taylor's writing is impressive. The words just flow together and create something delicate and passionate and purposeful. She leaves me in awe and craving more words. And I love the fullness of the story. Laini Taylor does not sacrifice even the smallest detail and although that adds length to the story and slows the pace, it was right for this. Everything comes full circle in the end. The ending was complete and fulfilling and flawless. 

It is rare that I love a set of characters so completely and I  love these characters to my core (except for the bad guys obviously). I didn't think it was possible to care so deeply for so many. Karou is inspiring. Akiva is passionate. Zuzana is vivacious. Mik is romantic. Ziri is resilient. Liraz is devoted. Brimstone is timeless. I could go on and on. This story has one of the most diverse, complex,  delightful, and spirited set of characters that is sure to win you over. 

I can't say enough positive things about Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. It is magical, captivating, emotional, suspenseful, unpredictable, fulfilling, beautiful, hopeful, romantic, intense. I recommend this one without reservation. I love it to pieces. 

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