Top Ten Bookish Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is
"Top Ten Bookish Confessions"

Nicole's Top Five

1. I've admitted this before, but, I don't read the synopses of books. I might skim them when I add them to my shelves or when I read a review if I can't glean what the book is about, but otherwise, nope.

2. It is not uncommon for me to listen to audiobooks on a higher speed (if the option is available). I am a pretty impatient person, and sometimes the normal speed is just sooo sloww. Much slower than I could read it, so I fast forward it. *shrugs*

3. I am motivated to buy books more so that I can take pictures of them than because I want a physical copy for my collection. So basically, I didn't have a book buying problem until I made an instagram account for our blog and started following all of yours! I have issues.

4. I am a pretty big book pusher but I am terrible at taking book recommendations. There are at least a handful of books I promised Kay I would read and still haven't (but I will Kay, I promise!!)

5. I don't entirely mind spoilers. In fact, I've spoiled myself on purpose before. It doesn't happen often but I am a pretty impatient person and knowing what is coming doesn't really detract from my reading experience.

Ashley's Top Five

1. I talked about one of my biggest bookish confessions a while back on Thoughts for Thursday and it still stands.  I am absolutely terrible at remembering names.  So as soon as I finish the book I either have to write the review right away or if I wait a while I am always looking up the names of the characters. 

2. I am with Nicole on this one, I am quite slow on actually reading book recommendations (ha especially Nicole's).  But I am getting better :)

3.  In terms of book buying, I like every book in the series to be in the same format and style. If I started buying the series in paperback then I need to finish buying it in paperback!

4.  I have a tendency to see new books at the library and check them out with every intention to read them and then get distracted and never end up reading them.  

5.  My last bookish confession is related to #4.  I am terrible at following a reading schedule lately.  Some weeks I will get through 3 books other weeks I can not even finish a book.  I plan to read certain books (like one from the library)  then I am simply not in the mood and I read something totally different that I was not planning to. 

What are your top ten?

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