I am a Follower of Trends

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I am a Follower of Trends

Something I’ve noticed about my reading choices is that they are pretty significantly influenced by popular opinion. If a book starts getting a lot of attention, I am pretty quick to bump it to the top of my TBR. Mostly because I want to know what all the fuss is about but also because I trust the masses. If a lot of people are enjoying a book, there is a good chance that I will too and I obviously want to spend my time reading good books. Conversely, if I book is getting a lot of negative attention, I likely won’t read it and it would take A LOT of convincing otherwise. This is usually because I get so discouraged and am very risk-averse. This also leads me to be very selective in my review requests and to only request books I am pretty confident that I will like. I know this is not the best of habits – I am probably overlooking books that I might love - but I do enjoy the majority of books that I read so I guess it is a tradeoff that it is mostly working for me. 

Now, most of the books that I read are still in my comfort zone but I will go out of my comfort zone for a book that is getting a lot of hype. This is a benefit of my trend-following-nature because it encourages me to pick up books that I might otherwise have shied away from. And then there are books that I pick up without a clue as to what it is about because I so blindly follow the hype [and because I don’t read synopses]. Basically, I set myself up for a lot of surprises, but this can be fun too.

To give you an idea of some of the books that hype has led me to, here is a small list of some that have worked in my favor, some that haven't and some that are coming up!

Hype that has steered me well:

Hype that has steered me wrong: 

Hype that I am currently buying into:

How does hype/trends/popular opinion influence your reading choices? Are you more likely to pick up a book, or do you tend to avoid books with a lot of hype? Has this been successful for you? 

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