UPDATE: All Work and No Play Makes Nicole A Dull Girl

Hello lovely readers,

I just wanted to provide a quick update on some exciting (and scary) changes happening in my life. As of tomorrow, I am officially starting school part time! For the next two years (including summers sadly) I will be taking classes two nights a week in Philly. This is in addition to my full time job and existing 2 hour commute. SO, suffice it to say, I will be pretty busy.

How will this change impact this blog? I’m not really sure. I will most definitely still be reading, but in all likelihood I will be reading a lot less since I now have to share my reading time with class time/schoolwork. But one thing is for sure, I will definitely still be reading and blogging. I am not going anywhere! Audiobooks will be my new best friend. :D

And obviously Ashley is still going to be around. So between the two of us, I am hoping you don’t see TOO much a difference. My best guess is that maybe instead of 4 reviews a week (which we currently post) you will see maybe 2 on average. Maybe more, maybe less, depending on what life throws our way. But since some find posting every day a bit much anyway, maybe this will be a good break for all of us!

Also, I may be slower responding to comments and visiting other blogs. I typically do bloggish things over the weekend (I am not an everyday-er) so maybe this won’t change much but only time will tell.

So wish me luck! I am excited but also very, very nervous. In case you wonder where I’ve gone any given week I am probably just drowning in work.



  1. Wow busy busy busy! Goodluck on school & work (: you can do it Nicole! That's probably going to be me during my sophomore or junior year in college D:

    - leigh

  2. Good luck with all of your busy life stuff! Sounds like you have a lot of really cool stuff going on. Yay! See you around girly!

  3. Exciting! Good luck with school--at least with a long commute you can either listen or read books... :)

  4. This is exciting! Good luck! You will be great. :D

  5. Good luck with school Nicole! You'll be fantastic :)


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