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    What's New With Nicole

    December marked the end of my last Fall semester of business school but happened to be the toughest semester yet. Between school and work I was super busy and stressed but thankfully all that is done and over with! Once school ended I was finally able to focus on CHRISTMAS and although I had to do a lot of last minute shopping and baking and present wrapping, I could finally relax and enjoy my favorite holiday, which consisted of lots of holiday parties and being gluttonous. I did't get too many books as presents but that's because I got one really nice present (and I mean REALLY NICE) so I can't complain. And I pretty much did nothing else because it felt so good to do nothing for a change. Well, unless you count spending hours obsessing over my new Erin Condren planner because I did that. And playing Cards Against Humanity with my 85 year-old grandmother because I did that too and it was hilarious. 

    What's New With Ashley

    I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  Justin and I spent a majority of the holiday traveling to all our various families and extended families and it was great.  We did get addicted to a Podcast called Serial... it is fantastic, I will probably be writing a Thoughts of Thursday about how awesome it is! (It is free too, so a nice added bonus).  I got a sewing machine for Christmas so I am excited to start new projects and learn how to use it.  My grandma gave me all her old sewing stuff and has been giving me advice on projects so it is been something nice we share lately.  So far I have made a bookmark, an apron, and a beanbag cover.  As I type this post I am staring at all the boxes I have started packing for our move :)  I am not looking forward to moving in the dead of winter but the fact that it is our first house makes up for it all.  

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