Some Burning Questions Related to Blogging

Welcome to Thoughts for Thursday! This feature is our outlet to talk with you about whatever we currently have on our minds. It might be bookish, it might not! Now for this week's thought:

Some Burning Questions Related to Blogging

So I have been pondering some questions lately that I would love to hear ya'll's thoughts on.... 

1. Should I post my reviews to Amazon? Currently, I only post my reviews here, and on Goodreads. I have yet to post them anywhere else, mostly out of laziness. But I enjoy spreading the word on books that I've read and it's really as easy as copy and paste so I thought I should make an effort to branch out to Amazon. But I feel like I  have picked up on some dissent over the blogosphere. Like they reject a lot of reviews even if they are fair? I didn't pay much attention to it so that is kind of why I am bringing it up now. If you post your reviews to Amazon, what is your experience like with them? Is there any reason I shouldn't post my reviews there? 

2. How much of an impact does promoting your posts on Twitter have? I suck at using Twitter - both for promotion and networking. But when I do try to promote our posts - I don't really see THAT much of a difference in blog traffic. Is it just me? Am I doing something wrong? I am starting to feel like I should just focus on tweeting the publisher/author when I have good reviews and focus the rest of my time on connecting with other readers - which I think Twitter IS great for. But what is your experience with it?

3. Is Quoting from ARCs ok? I love including quotes in my reviews when I take the time to do so because I feel like it gives readers a glimpse of what to expect, probably more so than my review does. But every ARC you receive says not to quote it without checking against the finished copy, yet if you post the review before the book is released, that is all but impossible (without retrospectively checking, which is not what I think they mean.) Therefore, I try to avoid quoting from ARCs but I'll admit, I do it every now and again. I've seen plenty others do it and so that eases my conscience, and  also, I obviously don't post a quote if there is a typo in it or something. But this behavior might still be frowned upon so I was also wondering what everyone's thoughts were on the subject? And if you are close with pubs, what are their thoughts are on the subject? Maybe they say don't quote it for liability reasons but really they don't care....?

Ok that's all for now :)

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