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        What's New With Nicole

        June marked the beginning of my Summer of craziness. My weekends were PACKED and so June FLEW by for me. But despite all the craziness I still managed to read a lot and even completed my Summer of Series Challenge for June by completing the Mistborn trilogy! (*pats self on back*). The big event this month was the celebration of my best friend’s birthday – our day was supposed to start with trampoline dodgeball and end with the Taylor Swift concert but my friend who was visiting sprained her ankle during dodgeball and so we spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the hospital… but we DID make it to T. Swift and she was amazing! During the other weekends, I spent some time in New York and by the pool and even bought a new bookshelf which I DESPERATELY needed (I already filled it up with the books that were lying around my room)! And then as this post goes live, I will be in Europe traveling to Budapest, Vienna and Prague! I post most of my travel pics to my personal instagram so if you want to follow me there just DM me on Twitter and I’ll give you my instagram name!  Talk to you when I get back!

        What's New With Ashley

        June was a busy yet relatively quiet month.  Justin bought me tickets to see Potted Potter for my birthday, so we went and saw the show, it is a funny Harry Potter parody.  The show was cute; there were lots of corny jokes but I still enjoyed it!  That same weekend I headed to a YADC book party hosted by the lovely Hannah from The Irish Banana, it was a great time full of books and dramatic readings.  I also got to see Mumford & Sons in concert; they were FANTASTIC live!  I just bought their first album on vinyl and have been enjoying that lately.   I celebrated Father's Day with both my dad and the father-in-law, always a good time!  Justin happened to score me a free ticket to join him for a One Man Star Wars Show in Baltimore.  To end off the month, Justin and I have joined his family on a vacation.  As I type this I have just finished a day of Frisbee golf, mini-golf, basketball, tennis and a nature walk.  My feet will need a vacation from my vacation :)  

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