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        What's New With Nicole

        This Summer has been a whirlwind so far. At the end of June/beginning of July I traveled to Eastern Europe - Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague specifically - and it was AMAZING. Then I spent the next couple of weekends between friends, officially finishing my MBA, and pool days! And as this post goes live I will be traveling back from a week spent in Colorado at a dude ranch! I usually don't travel THIS much and I feel blessed for all of these opportunities. I also had a month of AMAZING reading with mostly 4 and 5 star reads and am FINALLY catching up on all the shows I fell behind on in the past 2 years because of grad school. Work has been a bit challenging, but overall, life has been good to me. :)

        What's New With Ashley

        I am with Nicole on this one, summer is just flying by.  I was able to take a nice vacation with my husband's family at the beginning of the month, it was full of lots of activities and long but fun days.  We celebrated his birthday this month as well, so that was a great time with friends and family.  But besides that, July has been a pretty low key month for me.  I have been getting lots of reading in on those nice weekends and I have also been trying out a couple graphic novels!  I did get to learn who my AMAZING OTSP Secret Sister was this month, so that was really cool.  I have been spoiled every month by Stephanie from Inspiring Insomnia. THANK YOU AGAIN :D  I also revealed who I had (Jenna from BookieMoji) , which was a blast and amazing that I kept it a surprise for so long.  I am signed up for the next cycle, planning away for my new Secret Sister! 

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