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        What's New With Nicole

        October was a great month for me. It was my first full month in my new apartment and I spent most of my time exploring Philly, meeting new people and just having fun. And my grandmother celebrated her 86th birthday this much which is pretty much the greatest blessing. This also happens to be my favorite time of year so I am relishing in the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather. I obviously didn't read as much as I usually do but for all good reasons and I've started reading more older releases that I've been meaning to read which has been going well so far. I also have been catching up on all the shows I've neglected over the past couple years - New Girl, Criminal Minds, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The 100 and more. So basically, life has been good. It's taken me away from blogging a bit but I definitely feel more balanced and happy so it is what it is! I can't wait to see what's in store for November.

        What's New With Ashley

        October was a very fall month!  I admit, I love all fall things :)  This month we went to a pumpkin patch and apple picking.  We made delicious hot apple cider drinks and ran in a Halloween 5k.  We also took a trip to Wisconsin and saw a Green Bay Packers game, Justin's favorite team!  It was awesome being in such a packed stadium. I finished up my Halloween costume with just an hour to spare before Halloween night, it was a bit rough in parts but it worked and we pulled of Maid Marian and Robin Hood.  I just finished my the first quarter of my grade school program so that is such a nice relief and to further enjoy my time off before next quarter, the family and I are off to Ireland!  

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