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      What's New With Nicole

      March was a GREAT month for me. School wasn't TOO time-consuming and so I got to spend a lot of time with friends and family. I visited Argentina and Chile, celebrated my birthday, played Escape the Room Philly, celebrated my mother's birthday, reunited with the group I traveled to China with, saw Insurgent, and discovered a few new spots in Philly. It was definitely a busy month but it was a very good busy and I feel very blessed at the moment. I doubt April will be able to beat March but it will bring the end of my night classes for grad school (and warmer temperatures) so I cannot wait!

      What's New With Ashley

      March was a busy busy month in our house.  Justin and I had an open house for all of our family and friends; we ended up with about 40 people coming to the house (I have a really big family)! The house is now completely unpacked with everything set up and every lazy chore we were procrastinating finally done. I was able to visit Nicole for her birthday :) I also went to the NOVA Teen Book Festival at the beginning of the month.  I got to sit and listen to some awesome panels and get my copies of Winner's Curse and Crime signed as well as All the Bright Places! 

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