10 Wishes We'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is
"10 Wishes We'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me"

Nicole's Five Wishes

1. GIMME ALL THE BOOKS I WANT FO FREE. If this isn't on everyone's list it must be because you've got some serious dough. =P

2. SEND ME TO ALL THE AUTHOR EVENTS I WANT FO FREE. Again, I'm not made of money. That's why I have a big girl job and am limited to the Philadelphia area for author events. And  that big bully that is New York City takes most of the authors on tour. But wouldn't it be the dream to spend your days between books and bookish events. *happy sigh*

3. Bring Nikolai Lantsov to life and make him fall in love with me. Pretty sure this breaks two of the three genie rules (according to Aladdin) but the existence of genies breaks the laws of the universe so if that's possible JUST GIVE ME THIS ONE THING.

4. Make me like Celaena Sardothien. Or excuse me, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. Is this within a book genie's ability? I don't really know what I'm working with here...

5. Give me a Beauty and the Beast Library. I do need somewhere to put all my free books after all. See I can be practical.


Ashley's Five Wishes

1. Fantastic book to movie adaptions! I am not talking mediocre book to movie adaptions, I am talking just awesome rock star movies that truly do the book justice!

2. Awesome book to TV series.  While I do love movies, I actually might like tv series just a bit more.  I like the longevity and series aspect of tv, so I would love to see my favorite book series turned into well done tv series!

3. Automatic book organizer. I have my books shelved alphabetically and when I get a few too many new books I have to rearrange all my shelves.  Which I do not mind when I have the time to do so but when I don't have the time a magical book organizer that add news books to my shelf and makes them look good!

4. Beauty & the Beast Library.  While I do love our wall to wall bookshelves at home, I am with Nicole, I would love Belle's library!  A sliding ladder, yes please!

5. Send me to Hogwarts, for real though!   A magical, wizardy Hogwarts, with the floating candles, moving staircases, and of course Harry Potter! 

What are your top ten?

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