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        What's New With Nicole

        September was a busy month for me that mostly revolved around moving and settling into my new apartment (and then leaving it to avoid Pope madness hah). It's a little weird adjusting to new routines but so far I like living in the city and having a place of my own. Now if only I can get my dog to stop barking when I leave... I'm excited for October because I have a lot of fun things planned and the weather is PERFECT this time of year. Reading wise, I barely read any books this month but then had a chance to catch up this past week and read like 6 books and it felt SO GOOD. If I've been a little slow to comment though, all of the above why. :)

        What's New With Ashley

        Credit: Leigh Skaggs Photography
        September has been a super busy month for me as well, Justin and I celebrated one year of awesome marriage :)  We went down to the beach to celebrate and got some fun pictures taken! The pictures above are some of my favorites. We also spent a lot of time visiting my grandparents because they are getting older and have been in the hospital for various surgeries a couple times this month.  I am looking forward to October, I am making our Halloween costumes this year so hopefully they turn out okay, we are going as Robin Hood and Maid Marian so the dress will be a big challenge for me!  

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