Ten Industry-Related Bookish Pet Peeves

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is
"Ten Industry-Related Bookish Pet Peeves"


1. When Publishers redesign covers mid-series and don't redesign earlier books in the series. I think this is a frustration for all of us who like our series to match. I get why covers are redesigned but it really gets my panties in a bunch when previous covers aren't. I think that should be a requirement. AND the covers should be redesigned IN ALL FORMATS. It doesn't help when the paperbacks all match if I am collecting hardcopies. 

2. When a book store require you to purchase a specific book from their store to see an author at an event. It's bad enough when they require you to purchase any book (because I think they make money just by bringing in crowds) but it REALLY annoys me when they specify which book you have to purchase. Like I really want to see Leigh Bardugo on tour but Chester County Book Company is requiring that you buy Six of Crows from them to see her. I don't understand why it's not OK for me to purchase any book and bring my already-purchased copy of Six of Crows.

3. The fact that paperbacks aren't released until a year after the hardcopy. Why is this? I mean, I am a fan of hardcopies so it doesn't affect me THAT much but for the sake of options, it sucks that I'd have to wait a year just to get that format. And take Isla and the Happily Ever After as an example - that was the last book in Stephanie Perkins series but the FIRST book to be released as a Hardcover, so if I wanted it at the time of it's release (which I did) I had to buy a hardcover and now my books don't match and grrrr. 

4. When stores put stickers on the covers. WHYYYYYYYYYYY. I'm sure there is an alternate solution for telling shoppers that a book is on sale or autographed or special edition. I don't know, maybe by putting a sign NEAR the books.

5. When release dates are changed. Now I know that this is just life and I'd rather wait for a book to be done right than get it when it's not ready but it still kills me to see that notification from Amazon telling me that my long awaited pre-order is going to be delayed. 


1. When I can only find the movie cover on a popular book at the bookstore. I have talked about this before on a Thoughts for Thursday. When I have a strong desire to own a book, especially a book-turned-movie I want the version with its original cover.  As much as I may like the actors, I just want the non movie edition to the book.  

2. Short stories in the paperback versions only.  I am a hardback person all the way. The adding of short stories to the paperback editions really makes makes me contemplate buying that version too.  I just do not have the shelf capacity :( 

3. No sequel signed even though there are clearly loose ends.   I totally get things happen and I am by no means in the publishing world but I am way less likely to pick up a series if I know it was intended to be more than one book but was cut short.  

4. The need to extend a series/spinoff just because it is so popular even if the content is not really there.  There is a series that comes to mind where I tried to read the spin-off/extra books and I just felt like there were the same as the main books with just the slightest addition of new details.  

What are your top ten?

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