Ten Book Related Problems We Have

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's Top Ten list is
"Ten Book Related Problems We Have"

Nicole's Top Five

1. I assume everything is a trilogy and am surprised when this is not the case. 
Like I'll be reading the 3rd book, thinking I'm reading the conclusion only to find out that there are more books. This has happened a lot recently - Blue Lily, Lily Blue, Dead of Winter, Gathering Darkness - and it is jarring. But at least it is a good surprise!

2. Books encourage me to stay in and I really need to get out. 
I am single thus, I need to be social and meet people. But books often give me an excuse to stay in and hide from the world. My TBR is a temptress.

3. I weigh all my purchases in terms of the number of books I could have bought instead. 
My thought process often goes something like this:"Eh, I could go out to eat, but if I don't, I can buy a book for my sacrifice." This further exacerbates problem #2.

4. I don't read synopses and sometimes I am completely off-the-mark. 
I've talked about this before here. My impression of a book usually comes from tidbits I pick up from around the blogosphere and I have jumped to the wrong conclusions. It's pretty confusing when that happens.

5. I prefer to read paperback but I prefer to shelve hardcover. 
I seriously struggle over which format to buy every time I purchase a book. I feel like I have already committed to hardcover but I am scared I am going to wake up one day and want all paperbacks. 

Ashley's Top Five

1. I have to complete the series in the format I bought it in.  
If I bought book one and two in paperback then the rest of the series has to be in paperback.  Same goes with hardcover, it drives me crazy not to have them matching.  

2. Buying Kindle books
I love love my Kindle.  The sometimes issue I have it buying kindle books, if I end up loving a book I really want to own a physical copy of it.  If I purchased it all full e-book price then I feel like I am spending a lot of money on one book by purchasing it in hardcover too.  On the flip side, I love to travel with just my kindle if I can help it. 

3. Running out of bookshelf space.
Granted I did just solve this problem :) But prior to moving and getting new bookshelves, I had books all over the house, on nightstands, in piles by the bookshelves and still in some boxes. 

4. The library closes so early on the weekends!
My library closes so early Friday through Sunday, the days when I run most my errands.  I always remember that I need to go when they are closed :(

5. I forget who I lend books to.
I do not normally lend books out just because my family and local friends do not typically read YA. When I do lend a book out to family though, they take forever to read it and I have a tendency to forget who I lent it to.  I really should keep a list! 

What are your top ten?

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