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    What's New With Nicole

    January was super low-key for me. My LAST semester of school started and I take classes THREE nights a week. So most of the time leading up to that I spent relaxing and reading before the mayhem starts again (as you can see I read A LOT this month). I did visit NYC with my best friend and we took an Aerials class which was a lot of fun! And as this post goes live, Ash and I will be in Chicago for ALA MW! But other than that, not a lot happened in January for me. And that's ok, I needed the break :)

    What's New With Ashley

    January has been a crazy month.  Justin and I bought a house :)  Overall, the process went super smoothly, the house was pretty much move in ready.  We have been packing up the old house and unpacking in the new house since closing.  I got amazing book shelves which I will post some pictures of when the room is done!  We are still buying some furniture since the house is bigger than our old one.  Justin got into a major car accident in the mist of moving, thank goodness he is okay but his car is totaled :(  So we have been juggling one car, moving, and car shopping this past week (it has been lots of fun).  Nicole and I will have been taking on Chicago this weekend, so the month ends with a fun mini-vacation!

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